Emrio VPN Servers

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Advantages of a VPN

Secure traffic on hostile networks
Add an extra level of security and avoid sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks and metadata collecting on untrustworthy and open networks like airports or restaurants.
VPNs also make life harder for sniffers like governments
Keep your activity out of your ISP's eyes
Your ISP can read your metadata and some personal info by analyzing your traffic and may resell them to the highest bider. They can also prioritize their content over other companies'. Protect your privacy and net neutrality altogether.
Avoid regional blocking
Regional content blocking may be applied by companies and governments. VPNs allow you to be virtually localized in other countries and undermine regional policies and censorship.


No logging
Privacy is a human right. I am not here to spy in lieu of your government or your ISP and will never log any traffic.
No profits
All money generated by the network shall only be used for enhanced user experience like new geographic locations.
No data-selling
As a non-profit activity, data-selling is out of question and will always be.

Why choose us?

This service shall remain small-scaled and friendly to everyone for your convenience
I'll gladly help you set up your tunnel with the network and answer to your questions.
Unbeatable prices
This service only offers one plan: 24 € a year.
NordVPN is currently the world's leader in terms of VPN prices.
Yet, this service is:
  • 36% cheaper than their best offer (requires a two-year upfront payment)
  • 52% cheaper than their yearly plan
  • 80% cheaper than their monthly plan

You can also opt-out at any time. Just stop paying.


Contact me by email, on Discord, or in real-life.

Network composition

  • Serine Server