APIs and authentication are slowly being enabled back. However, all features are currently not available. If you really need one of them, please contact me

Emrio APIs

Welcome to the Emrio APIs documentation!
Accessing our APIs requires to provide a valid API Key, obtainable by signing in. If you already have an account, you can get your API Key in your personnal profile

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Creating minifed URLs

The Shortener API lets you create minified URLs in no time and manage them easily

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Emrio Status
Status of services provided by Emrio

Check the status and get insights on the services you use

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Static Files
API for the Emrio Static File Server

Get information on the files served by the server

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Emrio users

An API that exposes methods for account management

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Java Edition Minecraft API

Get information on users an servers of Minecraft Java Edition. Uses minecraft-lib

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